My name is Jordan Taylor. I am an avid DIYer inspired by everything. Based in Dallas, creativity
is all around me and I can't help but drink it all in. I appreciate others craft and all things made
by hand. With that appreciation along side my love of interior design, music, fashion, and good
steals - The Re-inspired was born.

Two of my (favorite) bad habits pushed me to start blogging. The first being my stubborn I Can
Make That mentality. I love visually deconstructing furniture, jewelry, and accessories to see how
I can come up with my own interpretation and challenge my (and the boyfriend's) craftsmanship.
My second bad habit would be my inability to keep my buying secrets to myself. I am
constantly talking about and recommending anything from nail polish to a great new thrift store
to anyone who will listen. My girlfriends always shake their head at me when I get my crazy, "I have
 to tell about something I found" smile. Rather than keeping all my of music,
shopping, and fun product finds to my friends and me, I felt all readers would enjoy learning about
them as well!

I hope you follow my journey as I create, collect, and try new and beautiful things as I can not wait to
 share them all with you. I truly believe everyone produces their best work when they're passionate and inspired. I can only hope you will find as much
enjoyment and inspiration out of this space as I do.