May 24, 2013

Designer Jewelry for Cheap

If you're like me, you never seem to have enough accessories... especially jewelry. I had an amazing discovery just last week with a few Etsy and eBay shops that sell the same designer jewelry (quality included) found in stores such as J. Crew! Not only do they carry the same items, they are selling them for only a fourth of the price!! If you have a little bit of patients (shipping will take approx. one to three weeks) and a little faith in me (I promise I won't let you down), it will be worth your while!

J. Crew Summer 2013 Jewelry Campaign

Click on the link below each j.crew item to view products in my recommended Etsy shops

From the Campaign

Recommended Etsy Shops for this summer's statement jewelry trend:

Recommended eBay buys - With these prices... you can't say no

Now get to shopping!

January 23, 2013

a new way to blog

So, I am obviously very new to the actual blogging portion in the blog world but, I have been an avid follow of many blogs for quite some time now. The hard part of finding and following new blogs is remembering their titles (I am so bad with names) so I can blab about them to my other bloggy friends.

But, I have found a solution to the name forgetting and endless/unorganized book marking we have all been guilty of...

Blog loving, iPad hugging readers…. Rejoice! My new favorite pal is the amazing iPad app, Blogshelf. 

Hey look that's me!

This bad boy allows you to subscribe to your favorite blogs directly from the app and keep them all at your finger tips within your endless [blog]shelves.

The app allows for easy and clean reading with the swipe functionality to quickly skim through the latest posts. Blogshelf will show you a snipet of the post and if you want to read on, tap the title and let it load. Use the “Top Blogs” and “Search” sections to find your favorite blogs and discover new ones, like The Re-Inspired. *hint*

This app will change the way you view blogs.

To get you started, here are a few of my favorites –

Home & DIY




January 17, 2013

a perfect manicure... everytime.

If you're like me, you cringe at the site of your bare nails. I feel incomplete without a manicure!

I used to get acrylic but it was killing my nails (and really starting to show)... so I switched to shellac.... annnnd my nails were still feeling the pain. I surrendered and went back to the good ole' polish but, who wants to pay $20-30 for a manicure that is going to chip within 24 hours? NOT ME! so I had to find a new solution....

That is when I discovered press-on nail polish. I know, it's not a huge surprise (yet), we have all seen the Sally Hanson selection at the drug store... but what young professional wants to wear lace and leopard on all ten?? 

I began to research online... if Sally Hanson was making these miracle strips, someone else had to be riding on this band wagon. And low and behold... my nails found their saving grace.

Meet Incoco. A company that specializes in press-on nail polish offering a large variety of
sophisticated colors. The best part? One set is only $7.99!

These puppies come in 16 double sided, pre-sized strips along with a buffer/nail file, cuticle stick, and nail polish remover.

Follow the 7 simple steps and you have an amazing manicure with in minutes!

application step images provided by Incoco.

Incoco is currently having a sale until February 16th, 2013.
A large selection of their manicure sets are currently being sold in a pack of two!
Stock up! You will be hooked!


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