Our master bedroom headboard needed.... well... A headboard... to make more of a statement. So, we took planks from the hardware store and a little wood stain and turned them in to just that! 

Don't mind the missing closet door!

Stain each plank of wood using one cloth to apply and the other to spread the color evenly.

Once each plank has been stained, allow them to sit overnight to ensure they are completely dry.

Cut down each plank to desired length

Attach planks together using the metal brackets on the top, center, and bottom of the planks

 Using your nail gun, attach the sheet of planks to the wall. Starting with one on each corner and working your way in to the center of the planks.


  1. I love this! I'm making my own headboard next month but I'm wanting to do one that stands and has uneven planks. Would you recommend wood glue? Thoughts?


    1. Great idea! Wood glue would work great! As long as you have a sheet of MDF behind the uneven planks to glue it to, it should work like a dream! Make sure to use clamps while to glue is settling so you get a strong bond! :) can't wait to see it!


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