Left: Brian Konicek | Right: Jonathan Visger

Absofacto is a brilliant pop experiment created by Jonathan Visger with the collaboration of Brian KonicekIn an interview with I Spy Magazine, Jonathan states that Brian and he keep their creations between the two of them. No one is able to hear their music... not even their friends. When Johnathan was asked about the origin of their name he said, "I chose the name because I wanted something a little bit open ended and intangible but that also felt familiar – that way the music could fully become the meaning over time. I ran across ‘absofacto’ in some argument on the internet, where this person was trying to act really smart and said ‘absofacto’ at the end of their statement. They used it as if it just meant ‘absolutely factual.’ Something about them trying to sound really intelligent while not only getting the meaning of the word(s) wrong but also misspelling ‘ipso facto’ and combining them into one word …the sheer wrongness of it stuck with me.”

Jonathan is also a member of the band, 'Mason Proper', which is conveniently included on this week's playlist. I hope you enjoy Jonathan's pop experiment along with the other killer bands below!

To read the full article from I Spy Magazine, click here.


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